Final Race Day Instructions for the Coast Road 10 Miler 2024. Larne Athletic Club would like to thank all the sponsors, supporters, and volunteers of The Larne Athletic Club 10 Mile Road Race.

Getting There & Parking

By Road: A8 road to Larne Harbour Roundabout (where the dual carriageway ends), take the second turn-off on the roundabout onto the Olderfleet Road.

Head towards the Harbour Terminal Building take a left onto Fleet Street, you will see the Olderfleet Bar and car parking will be available in the Long Stay Car park to the right of the bar.

To carry on to Larne Leisure Centre go along Fleet Street to Coast Guard Road, take right onto Bay Road to entrance of Sandy Bay Playing Fields, cross through the playing field to reach Larne Leisure Centre (approx. 1K)

If parking in the town please respect local residents properties and note there are a number of carparks that are Pay & Display.

Public Transport: There is a bus service to Larne from most major towns. There is also a train service from Belfast to Larne Harbour.

Bib Collection & Bag Drop

Bib & Vest collection will take place in the Larne Leisure Centre on the morning of the race which will be opening at 8:00 am, please follow marshal instructions. Please look after your race bib; duplicate bibs cannot be issued under any circumstances. Note that the timing chip is attached to the back of your bib, please do not bend or fold your bib as this may damage the chip and prevent it from working.

Your running bib is likely to be your only source of identification during the race. Make sure you fill in the medical information on the reverse; this could save your life in an emergency.

Please attach your running bib securely to the front of your t-shirt or vest where it can be clearly seen. This also has your timing chip attached to the back: no bib, no chip, no time.

You must not race using someone else’s bib nor let someone else use yours. Number swapping is strictly prohibited for several reasons, the most important being health & safety.

Anyone found to be running using someone else’s bib will be disqualified.

Bag Drop

You can leave your bags in the Larne Leisure Centre.

Start time

The 10 Mile Road Race will start at 10:00 AM. Participants will gather at the Assembly Point (Larne Leisure Centre), then be guided along the Promenade, through the Snake and Town Park, onto Glenarm Road, and finally to the Start Line at the beginning of the Coast Road.

The finish

Once you have crossed the finish line, please keep moving to make space for runners behind you. If you feel unwell, please find a member of our St John’s Ambulance Team immediately.

The finish area is just before the Larne Leisure Centre on the Promenade. Once you have crossed the finish line, we ask that you proceed to the finish area and collect your Medal. Please do not congregate at the finish.

Dropping out

If you need to drop out, then please make your way to the nearest marshal or St John’s Ambulance member and let them know. They will ensure that your details are passed on to the Race Hub. You can await the sweeper bus or if you are feeling well, make your own way to the finish area.

Water Stations, Litter & Toilets

Water Stations

The water stations are positioned at Carnfunnock Country Park and Ballygally out and back. If you take a water bottle, please empty it, and throw it to the side of the road when discarding so as not to endanger other runners, and to facilitate the clean up after the race.


We are immensely proud of our beautiful Antrim Coast Road. We therefore ask that you dispose of any litter carefully during the race. If you cannot find a litter bin, please drop any rubbish at the side of the road where it can be easily cleaned up after the race. Please do not throw rubbish into gardens or over the coastal wall into the sea or onto the beaches.


Toilets are available at the Larne Leisure Centre, the Starting Line, Drains Bay car park and Ballygally car park. Public Toilets: Larne Harbour Terminal Building, Agnew Street car park, and Johnstone's Decorating Centre at the back of Murrayfield Shopping Centre.

The course

The route begins at the point where the Promenade meets Coast Road. It's an out and back route that goes out along Coast Road, passes through the Black Arch, continues past Drains Bay and Carnfunnock Country Park, rounds Ballygally Head, and goes through Ballygally to reach the Halfway House Hotel.

At the hotel carpark, it turns around and heads back along Coast Road, turns down the Promenade, and finishes just before the Larne Leisure Centre.

Note : Please keep to the Left Hand Side of the road not to impede runners coming in the opposite direction.

Please always follow the instructions of marshals during the race, they are there for your health & safety.

First aid & health & safety

First aid

St John’s Ambulance are providing medical cover on the day and there will be an ambulance, paramedic and first aiders around the course. Should you or a fellow runner require assistance please let the nearest first aider or marshal know who will ensure help is on the way. Please do not phone 999 except in a medical emergency.

Health and safety

In line with UK Athletics Rules the wearing of headphones is not permitted. Nor is participating accompanied by a dog.

Medical Advice

The following simple advice on how to look after your body will help you to have a safe and healthy race. Make it your priority to be informed.

Medical Problems

Discuss any medical problems with your GP. This advice supplements anything he or she says. See your GP if you have a problem that makes it a risk to run a 10 Mile Race.

Fit to compete?

Running is good for the heart, however, there have been several fatalities from serious heart disease in runners apparently unaware that they had a problem. Their condition could have been detected if they had had medical advice and the relevant heart tests. A ‘fitness test’ is not sufficient to detect these problems.

If you have family history of heart disease or sudden death or have a high risk from high cholesterol or high blood pressure, but particularly if you have symptoms of heart disease – such as chest pain or discomfort on exertion, sudden shortness of breath or rapid palpitations – see your GP who can arrange for you to have a proper cardiac assessment. 

Such an assessment may not be instantly available but continuing to run with these symptoms may shorten your running career catastrophically!

Drinking safely

Drinking too little on the run can lead to problems, as you need to replace some of the fluid you lose as sweat. Drinking too much can be extremely dangerous and lead to Hyponatraemia (water intoxication), fits and even death. Drink when you feel the need and do not gulp large volumes of fluids before, during or after the race. Your needs vary with your build, your speed and above all the weather.

Feeling unwell?

Do not run if you feel unwell or have just been unwell. Most medical emergencies occur in people who have been unwell but do not wish to miss the event. If you feel feverish, have been vomiting, have had severe diarrhoea or any chest pains, or otherwise feel unwell, it is unfair to you and your family to risk serious illness and become a medical emergency. You are unlikely to do yourself justice. There will be many

other races.

On the day 

Please check the forecast and wear appropriate clothes for the weather when you are racing. On a cold, wet day you can become very cold if you reduce your running pace or walk. A hat and gloves will prevent heat loss and are easily carried. 

If it is hot, wear loose clothing, start slowly and, if possible, run in the shade. Please don’t wear multiple layers and don’t try to attempt a personal best. Use shoes you know from experience will not give you blisters.

At the Finish

Once you have completed a race, do not stand about getting cold. Keep walking, especially if you feel dizzy, and drink to replace lost liquid. Get your kit and change into warm, dry clothing. Keep on drinking slowly and have something to eat. Some runners feel faint more than half an hour after finishing a race, often because they have taken insufficient fluid and/or not eaten anything. Again, do not drink excessively.